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I absolutely love talking to young minds. I travel to every nook and corner of the world– to schools, colleges, or otherwise – to address, converse, collaborate on groundbreaking ideas, super interesting topics and innovative projects, which can evolve our minds and help humankind. I do conduct one-on-one sessions with learners to help them carve out their excellence to the best of their potential. Right now, my mission is to bring Fluid to every possible learner’s doorstep. Fluid Talks are useful for a learner before he or she – zero-in on the subject cohorts in school, complete the college degree, choose specialisation, think of an idea, find a start-up – basically, excel in the changing times.

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The schools and universities of the future, their curriculum and pedagogy will look entirely different than those of the present times. I love to interact with those interested in redefining the future of education. I would be delighted to hear from you if you are a school, college or university (and of course those outside the conventional educational setup) willing to radically transform your vision or introduce path breaking curricular and pedagogical reforms or if you are interested in designing a future-centric course improving learning skills.

Redefining the future of education,
improving schools, universities and beyond