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"For he, who has never sailed through storms, can never trust sailors of such ships."

Ashish Jaiswal


The window to perfection is the narrowest.

The last version of good writing is often deleting.

Everything else is secondary.

Be the first to apologise and the last to criticise.

A nation that aborts its own daughters will bleed to its own death.

Those who can fly are not afraid to walk on the edge.

It often takes more than an hour to cook but only a fraction of a second to taste.

It is not what you can do. It is what you do.

If you only ape, you might end up as an ape.

Do you want to take whatever comes your way or are prepared to stand in the queue to the throne?

You are not going to receive from those who don't have it so what's the point in asking them?

I would rather people plagiarise my actions then my words.

Presence is a peculiar thing. If you have to prove you have it, perhaps you never had it in the first place.

What freedom a man achieves. He can't even get five inches away from himself.

One of the biggest hindrances between you and your pinnacle is your requirement of constant validation.

I would rather die with my quality creation that goes unnoticed than live with my crap that sold.

I pity a citizen that needs to jail his nation to the bounds of his intelligence.

Learn on your own or wait for the world to teach you.

If you are genuine, you have every right to be silly.

Be realistic. Attempt impossible.

If the quality of school education determines the fate of an individual, the quality of higher education determines the fate of a nation.

A child learns to read before he writes. So should a writer.

It is all about how high you see it from.

Make sure your greed to live extravagantly ends before your life does.

You can go as fast as you can. After that let the destiny overtake you.

A real hero wins by raising the bar and a fake by lowering it.

India is a great civilisation. It embraces both greatness & mediocrity with open arms. The only problem is, it often gets confused between the two terms.

It is he who kills with a weapon a coward and not who gets killed never wanting one.

Selected Quotes From True Dummy
An Inspirational Bestseller

A mouse when caught in a perilous situation reacts aptly because it has such encounters on a daily basis whereas a lion, which is rarely caught in such situations, is often late in its reaction

Life is like a game of chess that you have to play even after losing the king.

A fallback plan is for people who walk backwards hence they all end up where they start.

Never live your entire life under the same tree.

Fortunate are those who are trusted more by others than by themselves; Blessed are those who trust others more than they trust themselves.

It often takes the smallest weapon to kill the largest animal, in the same way it takes the tiniest stroke of time, not years, to change one's life.