TRUE DUMMY – A Fable of Existence

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A story of two ordinary boys and their quest to conquer the world, True Dummy engages with questions about existence, ambition and the meaning and purpose of life while addressing the most soul-searching dilemmas of the human race. The enlightening fable takes you on a timeless journey with its thought-provoking narrative, delightful short stories and allegorical land-scapes with extraordinary images.



quoteA fascninating piece of literature which carries a powerful message for the youth of this world to follow values and objectives that transcend a mechanical existence.quote

- Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Nobel Peace Price, 2007

quoteSuch an inspiring read! True Dummy is among my top three reads right beside The Prophet by Khalil Gibran and Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. quote

Soha Ali Khan, Bollywood star

quoteDeserves to be read again and again to absorb the full impact of this fascinating fable full of brilliant quotes. Everything said here is profound!quote

Mr. D.R.Kaarthikeyan, Ex Director General, National Human Rights Commission

quoteIn the slush of pulp, here comes a piece of literature... simmering with some soul - searching dilemmas that continue to haunt the humanity.quote

The Hindu

quoteJaiswal displays great imagination through striking imagery.quote

New Indian Express

quoteBhopal youth's novel inspires the dejected.quote

Hindustan Times

quoteA magical tale of human emotions.quote

The Times of India


quoteFortunate are those who are trusted more by others than by themselves; blessed are those who trust others more than they trust themselves.quote

quoteLife is like a game of chess, which you have to play even after losing the king!" quote

quoteA fallback plan is for people who walk backwards hence they all end up where they start.quote

quoteNever live your entire life under the same tree,quote

quotePeople who fear death are those who lack imagination.quote


Germany "I won't even try to describe this wonderfully inspiring book. My words are by no means enough. I not only enjoyed diving into a different world but was amazed by the wisdom. I'm looking forward to going through it again and again - I feel there is ever more to discover. Eine inspirirende Antwort auf die Frage nach dem Sinn des Lebens - Danke!" – Germany

Bulgaria "Thank you for awakening the 'Magi cian' inside me and giving her a reason to dance once again despite the 'rigorous Master'! Thank you for the thoughtful journey! Благодаря ти за мъдростта с която ме дари!" – Bulgaria

India "True Dummy says for my generation, what The Alchemist said for the previous one. Its short stories and one-liners will remain for times to come." – India

Romania "Whenever we walk into a bookstore, we see hundreds of books. Some we read and forget. But some we carry with us for the rest of our lives. 'Fable of Existence' is one I will always carry with me, because it has not let my imagination and emotions go after I put it down. It has not let me go to this day. Povestea din spatele povestii." – Romania

USA "I finished the book within 2 days (which included a daylong trip to Chicago), right from the first page the 'story' part ended for me, the book took over me and I became one of the characters." – USA

Poland "A thoroughly engrossing story, imaginative yet startlingly real. The book is filled with stylish wit, spiritual undertones and rich, emphatic emotions. As magical as it is real, True Dummy has an imaginative reach to convey the most heart - searching dilemmas of the human race. Pasjonujaca opowiesc o poszukiwaniu sensu zycia." – Poland

Spain "Cambio de vida!!! I am hundred percent convinced that this fable would inspire millions of hearts in the coming time." – Spain

India "An anecdote where you will find yourself walking over the verve of life intensely and frantically. The small stories u have narrated in the book leave me Flabbergasted…really. The fancies u have created and the imagination u have put to work is truly magical." – India

UK "True Dummy takes the reader on a timeless journey filled with magic and dreams, with a generous smattering of philosophical insight. Excellent work showing the promise of an upcoming author." – UK

France "Life is full of choices, determining who we are and how we relate to others. Sensitive to the human dimension of these choices, Ashish recreates some of these possible worlds with wonderful prose and colourful images. True Dummy invites us on a journey to the deepest sources of human motivation and ambition." – France

India "Completely awestruck!! Written with vigorously sensitive ink and alluringly intellectual font. Metaphorically speaking, this story is like a long twine intricately wound around a network of randomly hammered nails on a wooden board. Sheer brilliance!!!" – India

UK "A human, sympathetic and thought provoking story, hugely enjoyable." – UK

India ''True Dummy'—an unbelievably amazing magical narration!!! With its each passing page I was engulfed with deeper and deeper engagements about my own daily chores, my existential dilemma and reasons behind them, and ultimate dreams I ever cherished." – India

UK "Firstly, can I say how much I enjoyed True Dummy! I have visited your beautiful country, as a tourist, and what struck me most was your love and intimacy with the landscape and culture of your motherland. You have woven a magical tale with the metaphorical landscape of the mind which has captured the essential facets of human nature: persistence and endeavour with uncertainty and frailty. The presence of the inspiring and changing natural habitat is awesome in itself, and at certain points, I was almost in tears, following the trials and tribulations of the hero." - UK

India "True Dummy is still lingering on in my mindset…it has been three nights since I finished reading it." - India

Malta "Messaggi mimlija inspirazzjoni ghal hajja (full of inspiring messages that teach valuable lessons in life)." - Malta

India "While reading this book there are always moments of galloping metaphors and raffling mirages. Its fanciful pictorial lines keep floating in your heart veins for an elated span of time. The musical symphony that it resonates keeps retracting you in the auditorium of magical sound. A tide that will elope you till the somersault of full moon. Amen!" – India

UK "Thank you so much for letting me read your amazing book. It really is quite, quite wonderful. The story is beautifully constructed and lyrically told - it's a true Hero's journey. It captured me from the very first pages and I couldn't put it down. I would unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone and indeed I shall! The book will appeal to reader's everywhere as it's message is universal and you have written it in a style that is accessible to all." - UK

India "The reader friendly style, the judi cious use of various literary devices, is what makes your book very fascinating. The strong metaphors, the imagery, the sun and the sea personified, the verses - all add up to give a poetic appeal to your book. Uniquely inspiring and motivating, all put together, it is a must read for all age groups." – India

UK "Your book was not only pure escap ism as I read snatches of it on my tedious London tube journeys, but also completely relevant, answering some of my questions and why, once in a while it is important to find a quiet place as the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did at the Cave of Hira, Mount An-Nour, and worship and meditate about the world around us. Beautifully formed and precious as it is rare, True Dummy is not only filled with true pearls of wisdom but is a blessing of a book that should be passed on to all."  – UK

India "The book is a great read; especially for youngsters who are starting out on the path to achievement. Using simple words and fables, the author encourages people to follow their dreams. And that's the only game plan for achievement." – India



Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal


Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal


Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal


Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal


Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal

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Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal Ashish Jaiswal

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